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Number 13

Number 13- Exaggeration

The man who dominates, the danger of accidents.Number is ruled by the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. If power is exacerbated, a fall follows.

If you are

Man-You need to limit your ambitions to real ones. Striving for the creation of great assets, you want to implement your ideas into something that will be beneficial and as long as you work for the benefit of others and not only for your own benefit, you will be successful and happy. You can be overly curious and therefore prone to conflicts, you should learn to sacrifice for those you love, especially for family members.You are a good organizer. You will be successful in job if you are realistic and well organized. Solving the issue of real estate is of primary importance. In love, you are possessive, rather jealous and something inexcusable. Do not solve the problem by finding pleasure in affairs.

Wife – Make sure you do not make the wrong decision. You are impulsive, you have many desires, you are active, dynamic, social, but you tend to dominate. You can be left alone because of impulsive reactions or because of trying to impose your will on someone who expects more patience. The younger you are, the more inclined you are for the reckless decisions. Your problem is lack of persistence. With age, you become more convenient and manage to stabilize and tie up for a person who provides security. You can success in practical activities and in the media, writing.

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