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Asteroid Artemise-Diana

Another name for Artemis was Diana, a deity in Greek and Roman mythology. It is a symbol of fearlessness and fighting, protects girls, so if you are a woman and you get this asteroid you should be bolder and more enterprising. You may have  exaggerated the need for independence, either on the job or love life. Who gets this asteroid should not to engage in an extramarital relationship because it protects the integrity and innocence.

Artemis is resolute and vindictive and so if you are women you should be principled. Men who receive this asteroid and are free, possibly  fear of independent women and those who have love problems, probably can not solve them because the partner is too self-reliant. If you are free, you can start the relationship with a young girl with whom he may seem to be easy to subdue her will but actually it’s just the opposite, he’s the one who has to respect her and her wishes.

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