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Asteroid Adonis

If you are a man, you can solve any problem with your ability to enchant people, either men or women. You can be promiscuous or other people can think of you as indiscriminate in the choice of love partner. In fact, you are dignified, noble and tend to be encircled by eminent people. You can be connected with secret groups of people, have some secrets relating to your relatives or ancestors. You have fine taste, you are a great aesthete and attracted only to beautiful, exceptional women.
If you often get this asteroid you should avoid one-night stand even if it is with the same partner because of living in different cities. If you are a woman, you have a tendency to seduce younger men or they are interested in you. If it is not the case with you, then you can be attracted by an artist or sportsman.You may fall in love or be courted by distinguished, even famous man who will want to marry you, but you will not know everything about his past.
For financial and business issues this asteroid suggests avoiding risky situations, avoid working with young people, especially if you are middle aged but anyway there is a possibility to find a solution.

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