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Number 10

No 10- General gives an order to the army

The number is a symbol of power, laws, authorities, It is ruled by the Sun, Moon. Mercury and Mars.

If you are
Man- You are likely to have many problems at work due to your need to impose your opinion on others. You are a great individualist and convinced that you know everything better. You are probably well educated, constantly working on yourself, but those around you think you are a despot. You are and adult child who will not give up on any issue.You were born for big things. high positions and you are trying your best to achieve it. You are likely to have many affairs or you are very charming and leave a good impression on women, but most likely you remain faithful to one woman. You will will come true, mainly because of your persistence.
Woman- Many think that you should be avoided for arguing. If you have in your numerology combination many Ones of Fives you should also be avoided if it comes to misunderstanding. You are hardly convinced that you are wrong You have your principles from which you do not override. You are extremely noble, but those you do a favor should know for hierarchy. You respect, discipline although you are often lenient to yourself. You are likely to have a relationship with someone wearing some type of uniform at work or with someone who is in a high position. Your wish will come true in a day, for five or ten days or months.

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