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Number 4

Number 4- Home, family, support

This number is under the influence of Saturn, the planet which symbolizes responsibility, foundation, family, mother, authorities, self-owned business, stability, persistence but also rigidity and loneliness. The number is also under the rule of the Moon.

If you are a

Man-You are very sensible, you want to be supported for everybody, in your family, on your job, but to act you need a lot of attention and understanding. If the question relates to the job, you probably can not solve the problem ,you have with the authorities. If you are young, maybe you have a problem with your father, you probably do not understand why someone is angry with you. You are responsible and trying to give your family everything they need, but not a lot of love and warmth.As far as your love life is concerned, you should be more open-heart, gentle and less demanding. You may have housing problems.

Woman –If you are not satisfied with your life, you should be more patient since you may be faced with much more complications. You are a rather indisposed, since your life is not unfolding the ways you would likeYou are probably lonely even if are in a relationship or you think you are expected to offer more than you can. You may think the destiny is unfair to you, having brought in your life many hard things, that you cannot endure or that responsibility for the family is primarily on you. If you do not have the job, you are likely to find some temporary solution that will not be suitable since the job will be very demanding.

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