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Asteroid Bella

Asteroid applies to your physical and mental state as well. You are functioning well only if you are satisfied with your appearance as well as with your environment. You should change something in your vies of the current situation, especially if you think that your problems stem from the lack of physical attraction. You do not have to change the appearance to have self-esteem. For questions relating to the job, this asteroid is very convenient, you can expect a nice job offer.

You have a strong sense of aesthetics, if you are an artist or you do creative work, you will have the opportunity to advance to experience success. You are successful in  attracting the attention of those you do not know. Contacts with people at work that are based on genuine admiration and respect bring success and satisfaction.

On the emotional level you can expect favourable developments. If you are single, you will have the opportunity to meet someone who is not only attractive, but will go with you as a person.

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