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Number 5

Curious young man

The number is under the influence of Mercury, denoting movement, intelligent people, those who are self-willed, rely upon themselves, like to travell, to establish contacts with people but are unreliable

If you often get this number, but you do not have number 5 in your numerology birth combination or in your date of birth, it’s time to make some kind of change in your life. If you are a parent, your children are your greatest importance. You are ready to sacrifice for them, you want to help them, to be a kind of assistance and you prefer to work with young people. In fact, you are a bit of a concealed dictator because everything you  do is likable and you are  pretty witty. If you have numbers 7 or 2 in your date of birth, make sure you do not enter into a parallel relationship, do not make a mass of your love relationship. You are likely to be at a turning point and it is  very important for you to solve the business problem as soon as possible. You like to negotiate and bargain.

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